Rødder & Vin is a small bottle shop and wine bar in Nørrebo, just down the street from Queen Louise’s bridge. All wines, beers, ciders etc. on the shelves are curated by Solfinn, author of the book “Naturvin”.

Bottle shop

In the daytime our little shop on Ravnsborggade 8 opens, and invites you browse around our selection, and maybe taste a sample or two – or even better, buy a bottle and borrow some glasses, and enjoy the sun on our bench outside. It’s also where we host tastings and private events.


When the sun disappears from the bench outside the shop, we open up the door to our next door bar – No. 10. Hang around the big table and listen to gossip and fantastic tales shared by the regulars.


When you’re sitting at home, and you miss the vibe and bottles, we recommend you take a look at our webshop omada.wine where we ship our wines to addresses all over europe.

Bottle service: Free Bike Delivery

We do Free Bike Delivery @ any doorstep in & around CPH during the lockdown or until further notice. You can arrange on Instagram DM or choose a box right here from the site, and we’ll bike in the direction of you within a day or two. No minimum orders.