Smagskasse #16

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Brut de Cuve – Domaine des Grottes – Gamay 2017

Young Beaujolais with ripe aromas. It is incredibly delicate, vibrant and silky at the same time with this lovely acidity, just delicious. It is Gamay as we like it – gone before you know it.

Messange Rouge – Les Roches Sèches – Cabernet Franc 2016

This Cabernet Franc from Anjou is delicious, true to the terroir, worth ageing for a few years, and for everyday drinking. It’s got the typical earthiness of Cabernet Franc with solid tannins that create a structural frame for the fruit. Hints of cherry pits and blackcurrant acidity makes the wine a real joy to drink.

Grandiose – Lous Grezes – Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache 2016

The Grandiose comes from one of the best situated vineyards in the area of the Cévennes. It is a wonderfully fresh, slightly sparkling rosé like you’ve never tasted before! Packed with floral and fruity aromas. We are talking ripe fruit with kombucha like acidity. The bottles have rested more than 1 year ‘sur lattes’ and have recently been disgorged. 

Esprit Vendangeur – Alexandre Coulange – Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Like a slap in the face – in the good way! Super zesty and clean with a fair bit of co2 left in the bottle so it shouldn’t really be necassary to says that of course it’s without sulphites.

Tou’pet – Domaine Carterole 2017

Here is a bottle that you will not find often! And for good reason, Joachim Roque makes only a few bottles. Perfect for the summer. A super well made Pet nat without sweetness, fresh and lively, ideal for an aperitif, or just to cool off in the late afternoon.

Bellondie – Fruktstereo – Belle de Boskoop, Gloster apples 2017

Fermented with indigenous yeast, no filtration, no additives and no added sulphites – sounds about right to us!


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