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Cider Stardust 2017 – Fruktstereo – Aroma Apples & Honey from Mars

Fruktstereo make cider from 100% fruit, fermented with its natural yeast and without any additives. During fermentation the juice is bottled and the last part of the natural sugar ferments in the bottle, producing bubbles. The cider is crisp, clean and finished before you realise it!


Lè Turné – Mirco Mariotti – 100% Trebbiano

Lè Turné is a typical sparkling white wine from Emilia. A real thirst-quencher! The nose opens with a bouquet of flowers and white fruit, next to notes of aromatic herbs and a slightly citrus note. In the mouth it is fresh, delicate and balanced, with a good effervescence.


Esprit Vendangeur – Alexandre Coulange – Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Esprit Vendangeur is Alexandre Coulange’s completely crazy yet incredibly fascinating wine. It looks and tastes like nothing we have ever tried and it’s the most unusal wine we still haven’t wrapped our head around. It’s nothing short of fantastic and if you thought you knew wine, then think again. One third direct press, one third carbonic maceration, one third paille! Ouch.


Tempête 2016 – Lestignac – Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

Tempête is made from 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, vinified in whole bunches in concrete vats, before 18 months of aging. The result is absolutely splendid! It is very pure wine, very fine, elegant, almost Burgundian … beautiful fruit, fresh. Great wine!


Les Escures 2016 – Fabien Jouves – Malbec

In Cahors the Malbec (Cot) is the king of grape varietals. Fabien Jouves wanted to choose parcels that could help him show a diverse range of Malbec expressions and the result is a very elegant Cahors, with discreet tannins and aromas of black fruits, spices and sweet tobacco.


Malecare 2015 – Domaine Carterole – Grenache Noir, Carignan

Grenache Noir in late harvest in Banyuls, it seems obvious! Well no, it’s not so simple because wild boars and partridges are often get the better of the grapes. Nevertheless when everything is going well, it’s pure happiness in a bottle. A serious sweet wine filled with red fruits and cocoa notes. Beond great!

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