Smagskasse #17

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F.W.A. – Fruktstereo – Cox, Belle de Boskoop, Pippin apples 2016

Fermented with indigenous yeast, no filtration, no additives and no added sulphites – sounds about right to us!


Ciderday Night Fever 2017 – Fruktstereo – Ingrid Marie & Gloster

Fruktstereo make cider from 100% fruit, fermented with its natural yeast and without any additives. During fermentation the juice is bottled and the last part of the natural sugar ferments in the bottle, producing bubbles. The cider is crisp, clean and finished before you realise it! A little maceration between the apple pulp and juice makes this cider gives this cider and orange wine feel.


Les Elles 2017 – Lous Grezes – Chardonnay

Chardonnay on a super limestone plateau in Cévennes is a very rare thing to find, thus making this wine quite unique. It’s savoury and strikes a perfect balance of fruit and great minerality. A refreshing wine awash with white flower, honey and spicy aromas.


FUX – Martin Nitthaus – Zweigelt

A Zweigelt for the summer! The hand-picked grapes for this light, fruity Zweigelt come from the Fuchsenfeld. A true abundance of fruit – just bursting with sour cherries, dark berries, complemented by wild mint, boxwood and a hint of pepper. 


Pourboire 2016 – Alexandre Coulange – Merlot, Cabernet Franc

This Cabernet Franc and Merlot blend is delicious, true to the terroir, worth ageing for a few years, and for everyday drinking. It’s got the typical earthiness of Cabernet Franc with good tannins that create a structural frame for the soft fruit from the Merlot. Hints of cherry pits and blackcurrant acidity makes the wine a real joy to drink.


Munjebel MC/CS/PA – Frank Cornelissen – Nerello Mascalese

Frank Cornelissen’s Munjebel wines are his single vineyard wines, representing the incredible diversity of vineyard sites in the Northern valley of Etna. All these crus are individual expressions of exceptional vineyards. These wines are produced and bottled only in very good to exceptional vintages. You will receive either a CS, PA or MC.

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