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Myrmidon – Le Petit Domaine – Syrah

Myrmidon is Syrah as we like it. It’s fresh, fruity and just bursting with tension and beautiful aromatic persistence. On the nose you get black olives, pinewood and a peppery bite that is all nicely tied in by it’s soft tannins. The Syrah vines are 40 years old and grows in clay and calcareous soils. The wine is an assemblage of three different vinifications; a third carbonic macerated, a third destemmed with a weeks maceration and the last third with a longer maceration.


Funky Town 2016 – Val de Combres – Carignan

Truly funky wine that has all the characteristics of natural wines in the nose & and funky pallet, but charming ever still. Drink now fro the funk or keep in the cellar and let it cool of and settle in. Up to you….if you can wait. Carbonic macerated Carignan – what’s not to love?


Omenamuna Cider

Really aromatic and wine-like on the nose and the incredible acidity you get from cider made from eating apples, the Reinet Ananas apple lends loads of character and we think it’s one of the best eating apples in the world. The cider is spontaneous fermented long and slow. It’s very precise, crisp and gone before you know it.


Inferno 2012 – Domaine Vinci – Grenache

A big red wine, concentrated and spicy, with rich Damson like fruit. It is made from old Grenache vines, the wild boar’s favourite grapes, grown in Domaine Vinci’s highest and most exposed vineyard. An electric fence is used to keep the beasts, and humans a like, out. A beast of a delicious wine.


Les Quilles de joie 2015 – Val de Combres – Syrah & Grenache

Syrah and Grenache vinified together – and what a marriage! Generous and powerful wine, with a soft palate and melting tannins. The structure on the palate is generous, with a nice balance between alcohol and freshness. There is chew, and the finish is long and greedy, with beautiful fruit. The fine and powerful frame is expressed again and again…


Ormiale 2013 – Fabrice Domercq – Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordeaux wine has landed in the small shop in Ravnsborggade and we are completely taken aback at how amazing it is. Natural New Wave Bordeaux – Who Should Have Believed? Fabrice Domerq, a truly unique wine maker who works extremely intelligent and reflectively in his biodynamic vineyard and winery. Here nothing is added to the wines and you can feel it! It has grip, but immensely pleasant tannis and cherry stone fruit with earthy and luscious aromas.


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