Voodoo Doll 2018 - Weingut Schmitt

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Producer: Winegut Schmitt - Daniel & Bianka

Cuvee: Voodoo Doll 2018

Grape: Riesling

Area: Rheinhessen, Germany

A few words on the wine:

Riesling like you have never tasted it before!

The best selection of riesling Daniel und Bianka have. Macerated for 4 weeks & left on small barrels to age. This is the purest & richest expression of pure riesling. No sweetness or any diesel on this one. But clay like mineral with meyer lemon zest dominating the palet. Matured fruit & high acidity dansing on your tongue for a very short eternaty. Only to be interupted by the next sip...

A few words on the producer:

The Schmitt winery has been in the family for over 230 years with Bianka and Daniel working their 16 hectares for the last decade. They work in full biodynamics which they learned from legendary Alsace vigneron Patrick Meyer and are one of only 80 producers in Germany to be Demeter certified.

The Rheinhessen is the largest wine growing region in Germany and is largely associated with bulk production. Though in recent years the regions reputation has begun to shift as a new generation of young, talented growers are working organically in the vineyard, reducing yields and realizing the incredible, undervalued Terroir they posses.

Bianka is from Hungary, Daniel is German. They met in 2012 when she was cellar hand in his parents winery. Together they have taken over the family winery and are producing excellent natural wines made without added yeas, temperature control, sulfur or filtration.