Sif 2019 - Katla

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Producer: Katla - Jas Swan

Cuvee: Sif

Grape: Weissburgunder

Area: Mosel, Germany

A few words on the wine:

Super fresh & popping with floral notes on the pallet, before salt & a respectful amount of bitterness balance everything out. This is for sure an easy drinking wine. But it’s also very much more than that.

A few words on the Wine Maker:

Solfinn first met Jas in Iceland @ Restaurant Dill. She was working there & Solfinn was doing one of his Flying Somm Pop Ups. A lot of memories where created that weekend & some lost due to a mutual fondness for Negroni. So when we heard about Jas project to make wine in Mosel, we decided to support it from the beginning. 2019 being the first vintage & all grapes are bought from good friends from different areas in Germany & close enough to it. Mostly classic varieties, but also lesser known varieties. Cause Jas doesn’t have a traditional approach to making wines. Something you can taste in the wines. These wines are equally inspired by Jura & Loire as they are rooted in Mosel. First vintage is one a very high level & the future looks very good for this new Nomad Donamine.
Please follow Jas on instagram for a constant flow of knowledge sharing: @terroirmerroir