Not Overnoy #smagskasse

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The not-Overnoy #smagskasse
9 bottles from 4 producers from the Jura shelf @rodderogvin for the going price on 1 bottle of Overnoy these days here in Copenhagen: 2800 dkk
If you would ask me, any of these bottles can be benchmarked against the current vintages & releases from Overnoy. These are some of the best talents of today & tomorrow. They’ve all learn a lot from Pierre Overnoy, who today spends most of his energy baking bread. We all think of Pierre as a legend & I vividly remember first time tasting his wine & some of my biggest moments in this wine world are with Overnoy.
But a thing that I tried to put behind me when I left the classical wine world, was label drinking & laws of capitalism. Now they have entered this world too. Or maybe they’ve always been. I don’t know. Naive to think it would be otherwise. But there is beauty in nativity & beauty of the Natural Wine World is to be found the fact, that there are no normative rules. So who am I to tell others what to do & don’t?!
I just know that I would rather share these 9 bottes with good friends then one bottle of Overnoy. When they’re at the same price. Any day! You can join me on the Bench @ Boutique:Bar
Maybe it’s about time to start writing on my next book again with the working titles: Drinking against the Hype & Keep Drinking in the Free World

PS: There might be changes in the lineup of the actual cuvees, but not producers. You will be notified of that's the case