Introducing AMI, Bourgogne

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Introducing our friends AMI, Paul Marchand-Perarnau & Willy Roulendes

You get 6 bottles show chasing AMI from bourgogne Blanc to 1er Cru in both Pinot & Chrado.

This is a not-to-miss opportunity to taste great Bourgogne at affordable prices


Bourgogne Blanc 2019

Chablis 2018

Saint Romain 2014


Maranges 2018

Pommard 2018

Volnay 2017

Willy is the winemaker. After working at Domaine De Montille, he took care of wines from Clos du Moulin aux Moines to Auxey-Durresses. With this great experience, he gained a deep knowledge of the terroirs of the Côte de Beaune. For him, Ami is the opportunity to let burst a bubble of madness.

Paul is the farmer. Having been trained in the art of tasting in London and Paris, he is the link between the city and the countryside. His passion for wines of character led him to work with talented winemakers such as Oronce de Beler and Dominique Hauvette.