Don't take my coconut 2018 - Maxim Lannay

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Producer: Maxim Lannay

Cuvee: Don't take my Coconut 2018

Grape: Chardonnay, 3 months of Maceration

Area: Saint-Cyr-Montmalin, Jura, France

A few words on the wine:

Believe the Hype. This wine is that good. We'll be right back to put it into more elegante words

A few word on the Producer:

Despite Maxim's young age, he has worked with wine for 8 years where he has learned the craft from fantastic winemakers in Arbois, Domaine Gérard Villet and Domaine de l'Octavin men have quickly found their own feet to stand on in an area that has quite an incredible number of skilled winemakers. Maxim's style is unique and in the meeting with him you are instantly struck by an eager energy and zest for life that is so felt in his wine. He makes a wide range of wines ranging from macerated wine on Chardonnay, topped up Savagnin and Chardonnays that taste so insane that my first reaction when I tasted them from the barrel was to give him a huge hug, Poulsard as a singer and a juicy red wine made on more white grape than red.

The production is largely of the old school and the work is intense. Everything in the vineyard is done by hand where the combination of the work in the field and very low yield results in characterful fruit. Although the fields are not certified, Maxim works according to biodynamic principles, where he treats the left weeds with the purchase of scavenger grass, as a natural fungicide, sheep manure and buried cohorts as natural nutrition for the field. In the cellar, great patience is exercised and the wines are left alone in a barrel or tank until they are ready, where there is no chemical or mechanical intervention at any stage.

Maxim has microscopic 0.7 hectares spread over 4 vineyards. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gamay near his childhood home in Montigny-lès-Arsures, a stone's throw from Arbois, Poulsard in the Poulsard grape capital Pupillin, Chardonnay and Savagnin in Arbois and finally Max has planted Rosette, which is a red hybrid grape that he mixes with Chardonnay for the cuvée L'avant Match. The first vintage was 2017 where the frost took almost all the grapes. Max had so little wine at the allocation could turn into 36 flasks, which I am incredibly happy about. Fortunately, 2018 was a little more generous. Maximizes the first vintages witnesses and bright future for the young winemaker.

Are there sulphites in the wines? No not the shadow of it.

Maxim plays rugby when he is not making wine. That probably explains the rugby player on the labels.