Chardonnay 2019 - Didier Grappe

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Producer: Didier Grappe

Cuvee: Chardonnay 2019

Grape: Chardonnay

Area: Jura

A few words on the wine:

Description will follow, but the wine is already good…

A few words on the producers:
My name is grapes, Grappe!’ So of course Didier makes wine and it is of course wine in the all natural way and he has quite a hard time hiding that he loves his craft. Since 2001, Didier has been making wine in the village of Saint Lothain which is located 15 kilometers south of Arbois and has the AOC Côtes de Jura appellation and from 2007 the wines are organically certified. The 4 hectares are spread over the vineyards, Novelin, Champs Rouge and Longefin located in and around the village. Didier makes every effort to maintain a natural balance in the field and uses no synthetic pesticides. He loves his work in the field and deeply hates the few days during the year where he has to be treated with copper and sulfites. Therefore, he is now experimenting with two different hybrid grapes that are resistant to disease and therefore require no treatment.

Are there sulphites in the wines? No not the shadow of it.

Didier plays double bass when not making wine.

The bird on the bottle is drawn by a good friend and he thinks it is nice. It's just a bird.

Soil conditions? Excellent. There is gray and red marl on limestone in Novelin. Red and gray marl over clay in Longefin and as the name suggests in the Champs Rouge, mainly red marl.

He breeds chickens because he thinks it's nice. He has only made two chicken roasts in his life.